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About us
Olfood, a story made up of simple ingredients
To talk about OLFOOD today means looking back over more than 60 years of Italian food industry history.
At the end of the ‘40s, Mario Mussida, the founder of SAMOR, began producing and commercialising vegetable oils both in Italy and abroad.
Extensive business acumen and a series of successes led SAMOR in 1963 to acquire all the shares for that which at the time was called OLEIFICIO DI ORZINUOVI S.p.A., and thus mark the beginning of production of vegetable fats and margarines.
For Mario Massida, this activity went beyond a company mission and represented a true passion, one that he handed down to his sons Anselmo and Luigi, who in 1965 joined the company founded by their father.

In 1980, OLEIFICIO DI ORZINUOVI expanded and became NUOVA ODO S.p.A., remaining the property of the SAMOR group.
In 1984, with a view to expanding its range and increasing sales, the production of margarines was integrated with the commercialisation of vegetable oils.
Over time, market requirements continued to diversify and increase in complexity, so much so that NUOVA ODO S.p.A. expanded its section dedicated to the artisan sector, which already provided successful business for LIPOFOODS S.r.l., a leading Turin-based company managed by the Grosso family that had been producing edible fats for more than 30 years. This led to the merging of NUOVA ODO and LIPOFOOD in 2008 and the creation of OLFOOD, a new and significant player, ready to take on the new challenges presented by the market. In 2019, OLFOOD joined the agro-industrial group UNIGRA’, a leader in the processing and commercialisation of vegetable oil and fats. An important partnership in line with the excellence that traditionally characterised the two companies, which together create new value for the baking and patisserie market.
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The promise
People are the cornerstone for building the best
OLFOOD has always maintained that any product created within the company is the result of a number of elements, founded on what for us is the most important: people.

Creating high-quality products means combining technology and knowledge; knowledge that develops day after day indistinctly among all our staff.
Since the day it was founded, OLFOOD has always demonstrated its orientation towards sustainable production, beginning from within the company.

The ethical management of human resources is, for us, a commitment that guarantees high quality work, the foundation of the true success of the company. This philosophy develops both the evolution of the company and that of internal skills, and is passed on by our staff to the product, from the product to the client, and from the client to the end consumer; a consumer to be listened to, to satisfy and to pamper with our products and with the utmost transparency.
We will never cease to believe in people, and this is a source of pride.