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    Anhydrous creams

Discover our range of high-quality anhydrous creams created for pre- and post-baking preparation of patisserie

OLFOOD anhydrous creams guarantee flavour and stability with both baking and post-baking applications. The products in the OLCREAM line are ideal for coatings, flavourings, cake fillings, rolls and croissants. They provide flavour and have an excellent texture. Easy to process and ready to use, they have been created specially for your haute patisserie products.
Creme ante forno
Anhydrous cream
  • Baking cream hazelnut 8%
  • Baking cream hazelnut taste
  • Baking cream cocoa 15%
  • Baking cream cocoa 15%
hydrogenated fat-free thermostable with hazelnuts with sunflower oil gluten-free

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Creme post forno
Anhydrous cream
  • Filling cream hazelnut extra
  • Filling cream hazelnut
  • Filling cream hazelnut taste
  • Filling cream white
  • Filling cream cocoa 32%
  • Filling cream pistachio
  • Filling cream milk and hazelnut
hydrogenated fat-free with low-fat cocoa with hazelnuts with sunflower oil gluten-free

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