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    Olfood research and quality

We have always been focused on producing
new solutions for our clients
We transform ingredients of the highest quality into safe and healthy pre-processed products that respond to the demands of our clients, seeking to create a balance between flavour and practicality.
We scrupulously monitor the product at every single stage of processing, from procurement of ingredients selected from the best suppliers, through processing, packaging, storage and shipping.
"Traditional margarines,
blends and vegetable oils
are focused
on the search
for excellence"
All our products are created as part of our search for excellence, both in terms of organoleptic qualities and in performance in the kitchen. Thanks to continuous testing in our research laboratories, OLFOOD products always guarantee consistent results and are excellent ingredients for your quality patisserie and baked goods. Our R&D department is the result of years of experience, and brings together the most highly qualified people in the company in the search for solutions for our clients.

A select team of technicians, patisserie chefs and bakers play an active role in the creation of high-quality products, without ever losing sight of the main objective: to satisfy the end user.
This is why OLFOOD has always considered itself to be a true partner for patisserie chefs and bakers.